Vegan Pad Thai

created on Saturday, April 14, 2018

This vegan Pad Thai recipe is the alternative of my authentic Pad Thai (make sure to check it out!). Since I am vegan, I've been trying to make a vegan version of my favorite food. Because being vegan doesn't mean you have to substitute all your favorite food with salad, am I right! Some how I found vegan version of this Pad Thia tastier than the authentic version one.

Servings: 1-2
Prep time: 40 minutes


2 tbsp Tamarind paste
1 tbsp Palm sugar
1 tbsp Soy sauce
a pinch of salt

Main Ingredients
150g Rice noodles
200g. Firm Tofu
1 tbsp chopped Preserved turnip
100g. Shredded Carrots
1 cup Bean sprouts
10g. Chives
1 tbsp Vegetable oil

Bean sprouts
2 tbsp crushed Peanuts
1/2 Lime
Ground chili (optional)
Banana blossoms


  1. Mix all the sauce ingredients in the bowl. Cut and prepare all the ingredients.
  2. Warm up the same frying pan, put oil and turn to medium heat. Add tofu, stir until golden brown. Add preserved turnips and beans sprouts, stir until bean sprouts turn mostly translucent.
  3. Add the sauce mixture, give a stir and throw in the noodles right away. Stir until all the ingredients are mixed.
  4. Add some water if the noodles look too dry. Stir until the noodles turn mostly translucent. Add shredded carrots and mix them together.
  5. Add chives, give it a stir.

Pad Thai is usually served with raw bean sprouts, crushed peanuts (a must!), lime, ground chili, banana blossoms and sometimes chives. It is not required but t will enhance the taste overall.