Skim Milk: Benefits and Side Effects

created on Friday, January 05, 2018


Per 100 ml of unfortified skim milk
Energy 35 kcal
Fat - 0.1 g.
Proteins - 3.4 g.
Carbohydrate - 5 g.
Sugars- 5 g.
Fiber - 0 g.
Vitamins - Vitamin A 9%, Vitamin C 2%, Vitamin B-12 6%
Minerals - Calcium 12%, Magnesium 3%


Nutrient Dense
When compare between calories and nutrient content in skim milk, it has large content of nutrients in a very low calorie. It also contains higher amount of calcium than in whole milk. It also has other nutrients that is in whole milk in low fat content.

Low Calorie
Skim milk has a very low calorie with a very high calcium content. This is good for boosting calcium intake without consuming lots of calories. It also has protein as much as in cow milk in relatively lower calories.

Side Effects

Associated with Weight Gain
Studies) found that drinking low-fat milk doesn’t lead to lower calories consumption, and those who drink low-fat milk had higher chance of being overweight. Low-fat products are claimed to be unfulfilling which lead a person to consume more. Study also found kids who drank low-fat milk had more weight than those who drank whole milk.

Provides Less Nutritional Value
Skim milk does contains most of the minerals and vitamins like in whole milk. However, most of the vitamins in skim milk are fat-soluble vitamins, which means our body won’t be able absorb and assimilate them without butterfat.

Full of Sugar
Without the fat milk would taste as good. So when the fat has been removed from the milk, sugar has been replaced to maintain the taste. Skim milk is loaded up with sugar which is not the natural one found in cow’s milk, which also found to increase risk of obesity and heart disease.

Final Thoughts

Skim milk used to be popular for a while ago which it is claim to have all the benefit like whole milk with lower calories and fat. It is true on the point that it has the nutrient whole milk has, however, most of the nutrients in skim milk are not absorbed properly with lack of help from fat. Skim milk also found to encourage weight gain as the milk is filled with sugar. It can be good when you want to increase calcium intake without indulging lots of calories. I use to consume large amount of low fat products before and I can guarantee you that it won't keep you full and satisfied.